Zucchini (courgettes)

Zucchinis (also known as courgettes) area summer squash. Zucchini can be dark green, light green, yellow, white, or orange. Like tomatoes, zucchini is actually a fruit, but it is treated as a vegetable.

Growing zucchinis can be really easy. You can choose to grow them from seed or you can plant pre-bought seedlings.

Be warned: Zucchini’s will run wild and take over a whole bed if given free reign.

They are fairly tolerant of both dry and wet conditions, but need a reasonable amount of water to produce good zucchinis (otherwise they can be a bit tasteless and bitter).

Zucchinis will grow very quickly once the weather warms up.  Yellow flowers will start to appear on the plants.  The zucchini’s develop very quickly and will go from a flower to a perfectly edible zucchini in a matter of days.  If you let them grow then they will become enormous, and too woody to eat.

Zucchinis need lots of air, and are prone to mildew during humid weather.  The mildew seems to have no impact on the development or taste of the zucchinis, it just looks unattractive.