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How can you tell if apples are ready to harvest?

Are your apple trees heavy with fruit? Are you not sure if they are ready to pick yet? Here is a sure fire test:

  1. They pull off the tree with relative ease.
  2. Cut a sample piece open. If the seeds are brown, then you are good to go. If the seeds are still white then wait a little longer.
  3. Taste it. It should be firm and sweet, but not powdering or tart (unless its a green variety)


Millions of peaches!

Well, not quite a million, but I certainly have a lot. The recent extreme heat here in Melbourne resulted in almost my entire crop of peaches ripening at once. Henry (my husband) did his best to eat as many as possible, but didn’t make much of dent in the pile. In addition to handing over enough fruit to fill pre-school and kindergarten lunches (In addition to our time-share cat, we now have two small children who come over the back fence and play in the garden), I have more than enough peaches to make a peach jam, to contribute to my summer fruits jam, and fill at least one pie! What’s even more scary is that the apples are ready to harvest too!  Need to do some preserving? Try this: Jam Recipe