Strawberries are grown from runners.  A runner is an offshoot from an existing strawberry plant. You can see a strawberry plant forming runners during Autumn.  The offshoot will form its own roots and can be separated from the main plant.

Strawberries can grow almost anywhere – in the ground, in pots, in old boots – you name it, if you can get soil in it, you can grow a strawberry plant in it.

Strawberries need to be watered regularly, and it is important to keep the fruit off the soil. This helps prevents rotting and disease.

Strawberries need a thick layer of straw (at least a couple of inches) between them and the soil (which is why they are called Strawberries).

Strawberries are easy to grow and give a high yield.  Chandler is a wonderful variety to plant, but is best suited to colder climates.