Cherries really only grow well in a cold climate (cool climate zones) and need a lot of care. They grow in full sun and in well-drained soil. They do not grow readily in the standard backyard and you will need to fertilise it regularly, prune it when young, and continue to prune it as it grows to prevent it getting rangy or too big.

The best time to plant cherries is in winter, when they are bare-rooted. Like all fruit trees they like a feed in spring and autumn. Check that you have a self-pollinating variety, or else you will need to buy two.

Cherries do not grow well in pots, but can be espaliered if you are prepared to do the work.   Expect them to double in size every year (if left unchecked). Do not expect them to bear fruit until after their third year.

Cherries are a popular choice for possums and birds, so netting the fruit is essential.