Flowers & Other Plants

Flowers may not be the main priority in your garden, but if you want a healthy ecosystem, that attracts plenty of pollinator insects (like bees), then flowers are essential.

Flowering plants add colour and texture to your garden, and make great border plants.  So what are some of the different types of flowering plants?


These are plants that live their entire life cycle (seed to flower to seed) in a single growing season. Sometimes they will drop their seeds into the flower bed and you’ll get a repeat set the following year, but as a rule, expect to buy new plants. Examples: Petunias and sweet peas.


These are plants that have many growing seasons. They will often die back during the colder months, and experience a growth spurt in the Spring. Sometimes these plants don’t flower in the first year of growth. Example: Lavender and roses.


Plants in this group are slow growers, often not showing any sizeable growth until well into their second year. Don’t expect these to flower in the first year. Example: Foxgloves and Evening primrose.

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