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Glut of Zucchinis? This may be a cook book for you.

“Zillions of Zucchinis” by Terri Bateman & Sarah Jackson 

Have you found yourself surrounded by zillions of zucchinis? Crazy amounts of courgettes? Squillions of summer squash? Do you grow your own, or have you found yourself with an abundance of the product and no idea how to use them? This could be the book for you.

“Zillions of Zucchinis” is the second in the “When it all becomes too much” mini cook book series by Terri Bateman & Sarah Jackson. This easy to use e-book contains some useful zucchini facts and 20 easy to make recipes to help you manage your glut of fruit.

AVAILABLE THROUGH AMAZON (E-BOOK): AU, USA, UK, CA or search for “Zillions of Zucchinis” through Amazon in your country.

For more information about the “When it all becomes too much” cook book series, follow the link: “When it all becomes too much”


“Bananas about Bananas is also available through AMAZON (E-BOOK): AU, USA, UK, CA or search for “Bananas about Bananas” through Amazon in your country.

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Using Your Produce: Tomato Relish

About this time of year I start to get a huge glut of summer produce with loads of zucchinis, tomatoes, stone fruit and alike. I regularly make jams and preserves to ensure that nothing goes to waste.

My favourite tomato preserve is Spicy Tomato Relish. It takes almost four hours to make but it is worth the effort. My recipe can be downloaded here: Spicy Tomato Relish Recipe

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Too many zucchinis (courgettes)?

If, like me, you grow your own zucchinis, you may be experiencing a rather out-of-control glut. At the moment I’m getting a minimum of 2 ready-to-eat zucchinis a day – and if I’m not careful and don’t check the bed carefully, I get one the size of my forearm at least once a week.

What do I do with my abundance of zucchinis?

  • Give some to friends and neighbours
  • Make Zucchini and Bacon frittata: recipe
  • Make stuffed zucchinis: recipe
  • Make zucchini fritters: recipe
  • Make up a zucchini relish: recipe
  • Fry them in garlic

Want to grow your own? Download the handy fact sheet here: Zucchini growing guide