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Pruning season

 Winter is the best time to prune your deciduous trees, and unsightly shrubs, as this is when the plant is dormant or at its slowest growth point.

Pruning can be a daunting prospect for the inexperienced, but it’s really not that difficult. Even if you make a mistake, your plants will be forgiving.

The first thing that you need to do is ensure that you have clean and sharp tools. You may use a pruning knife (suitable for smaller branches and roses), secateurs (suitable for small branches) and a pruning saw (suitable for larger branches/bigger jobs).  Make sure that you are wearing a long shirt, and a sturdy pair of garden gloves. (I recommend that you wear glasses to protect your eyes).

  1. Remove any dead branches, flowers and leaves.
  2. Remove any canes (branches), which are growing in towards the centre of the plant. (You are aiming for a vase shape – unless you are cutting a topiary).
  3. Cut back the remaining canes (branches) by up to two-thirds.
  4. Cut above a knot in the branch.
  5. Fertilise the plant if it needs it.

Happy Pruning!

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Want to make a scarecrow?

Making a scarecrow can be as easy or as complex as you wish it be. It is a great DIY project for the whole family.  All you need are some old clothes, straw and stuffing, a few bits of wood and your imagination.

Great guides are available via these websites:


WHAT’S ON IN MELBOURNE: Royal Melbourne Show

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Winter Garden Work

It’s hard to find the motivation to do any gardening at all, with the weather being a cold, rainy, windy, and generally unpredictable. I use the Winter months to do my maintenance work – tidy the potting shed, repair trellises, weed and mulch. (so not much gets done). This year, I’m hoping to finish painting the side fence in the front yard – it’s only been half painted for the last 5 years!. Wish me luck.