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Last of the winter crops harvested

It’s over for another year. I’ve harvested the last of this round’s cabbages and cauliflowers and prepared the beds for my summer tomatoes, basil, eggplants, and zucchini. I’ve even chucked in some sweet corn and radishes.

I still have beans and peas on the go, but they should be all done by the start of November.


Do you have a glut of summer fruits and vegetables?

Yes, I know that this is my third post about dealing with unexpectedly large, home garden harvests, but it really is a bit of an issue at this time of year. The summer heat can be delightful, but it also means that all of the fruit and veg are ripening and ready to pick at the same time. In addition to the preserves ideas and recipes on this site (you can download factsheets here: Factsheets) you may want to check out this website (thanks to Terri Bateman for sourcing this): www.bite.co.nz

Have fun preserving!