Seasonal guide

Autumn is here.

Yes I know, It’s hard to believe it, but Autumn is here already. We have at least another good month of Summer weather before we need to start on out Autumn gardening, but if you need some advice on what needs to be done check out the list below:

*Plant salad vegetables, legumes, root vegetables, onions, garlic, brassicas and strawberries.

*Harvest Pumpkins, Squash, Corn, Potatoes, Capsicum, Chillies (early season), salad greens, herbs, apples and berries.

* Work on the garden maintenance by weeding removing dead annuals, trimming the hedges and vines, cutting back the dead berry canes, start pruning the fruit trees, clear the summer crops, fertilise your soil and mulch the beds.
* Plant bulbs and sweat peas (April)
Potential Problems:
Sometimes cold snaps make it difficult to get seeds to germinate and seedlings to harden off (survive the cold).  You may want to consider using a frame over the beds to keep the seedlings warm.