Bird Bath, Garden Work

Social Distancing and Garden Opportunities

Why not put in a bird bath?

This time of enforced social distancing/isolation presents us all with the time and opportunity to do a little work around the garden. My garden looks like Triffids have taken over, so I will be doing a little bit each day to get things under control.

Having said that, my first thought is to avoid any actual hard work. If you want a quick and easy garden project, which provides on-going rewards for you and the environment consider putting in a bird bath.

  1. Select a receptacle. It doesn’t have to be fancy. I use an old ceramic salad bowl, but you can use practically anything that holds water. Try and pick something that’s at least 15cm in diametre (doesn’t have to be round) and at least 8cm deep.
  2. Find a place to put it. Choose something that’s off the ground and preferably in a shady (or partly shaded) area.
  3. Fill the dish. I clean mine out and refill it once a day. You may need to do this more often in Summer – less often when it’s raining.
  4. Wait for the birds.

Don’t worry about attracting birds, they will find it, and faster than you think. You may attract a wide variety of birds, or you may get a few faithful local visitors. Yes, the cat/dog will drink the water too, and yes the birds will use this to drink and bathe in. They can be very grubby indeed.

This is something the whole family can participate in.