Autumn gardening, Fertiliser, Manure

Let’s Talk About Manure

No, I’m not referring to the Australian Federal election process (and candidates), I’m talking about fertiliser.

If you are planning on growing vegetables over the winter (and into the spring), then now is the time to make sure that you have adequate fertiliser mixed into your soil.

I am a big fan of organic fertilisers, and one of my preferred options is manure.

Manure makes a great fertiliser. It is natural, breaks down well, and helps to condition your soil by adding nutrients and assisting with water storage.

When using manure, dig it into your garden, with a garden fork, as soon as you can as manure loses its nutrients if it is left sitting.

It is important that the manure you use is produced by an animal with a vegetarian diet – no dung from cats, dogs, humans or other carnivores.

You can collect manure from your own animals (chooks for example), buy packaged bags (pellets or pieces) from a nursery, or collect a bag from a rural ride side stall.

The three most common types of garden manure are: Cow, Horse and Chook.

Cow: Good all purpose manure, not too high in nutrients, but is well rotted so good for sensitive plants.

Chook:(My favourite) High in nutrients, high phosphorous. Great for lawns, veg and flower gardens. Not great for long-term use on native plants.

Horse:Moderate level of nutrients, good for vegetable and flower beds.

Happy fertilising! And if you are in Australia, then don’t forget to vote. You can’t complain about the government if you didn’t have your say 🙂