Corgettes, Using Produce

Too many zucchinis (courgettes)?

If, like me, you grow your own zucchinis, you may be experiencing a rather out-of-control glut. At the moment I’m getting a minimum of 2 ready-to-eat zucchinis a day – and if I’m not careful and don’t check the bed carefully, I get one the size of my forearm at least once a week.

What do I do with my abundance of zucchinis?

  • Give some to friends and neighbours
  • Make Zucchini and Bacon frittata: recipe
  • Make stuffed zucchinis: recipe
  • Make zucchini fritters: recipe
  • Make up a zucchini relish: recipe
  • Fry them in garlic

Want to grow your own? Download the handy fact sheet here: Zucchini growing guide